Parallels Desktop on Mac

Parallels Desktop runs Windows applications and games on macOS. It is perfect for students who need to use Windows apps, as well as businesses that require Microsoft tools.

It uses hardware virtualization to simulate a computer’s operating system, and it is designed to minimize energy usage and resources. It also offers maximum customizability.

Easy to use

Parallels Desktop is one of the best virtual desktop solutions for Mac. It offers a great user experience, competitive pricing, and security features. It also supports iOS and Android devices for remote access to your computer.

It’s easy to switch between Windows and macOS using the software. You can even switch modes by swiping your cursor across the screen. It’s fast, too — you can load and run heavy-duty Windows programs without waiting for minutes to start up.

The latest version of Parallels Desktop has a number of useful tools that make it easier to use. It now supports macOS Ventura’s new Stage Manager desktop organiser software and allows you to tuck Windows apps seamlessly into the sidebar on a Mac. It also has native support for the M-series chips on Apple’s silicon Macs. In addition, it offers a range of single-click installation options for popular operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and multiple Linux distros.

Easy to set up

Parallels Desktop is an easy-to-use virtualization tool for Mac computers. It is compatible with most Windows programs and allows users to switch between macOS and Windows seamlessly. The software uses a unique technology to allow the hardware and software aspects of a Windows computer to be simulated on a Mac. This is similar to the process used by other virtualization tools, such as VMWare Fusion and VirtualBox.

Once you’ve downloaded the application, the installation process will take a few minutes. During the installation, you’ll be asked to give Parallels Desktop permission to access your Mac folders, including your Documents and Downloads folder. You’ll also be prompted to select which directories you want to install Windows into.

After the installation is complete, you’ll be able to run Windows apps in desktop mode (including full screen) or Coherence mode. The latter option, however, can be distracting as it shows Windows task bar icons in the menu bar alongside macOS’s own.

Easy to manage

The software runs Windows, Linux and macOS applications on a Mac with the help of hardware virtualization. It is a first-rate tool for users juggling multiple tasks on the same device. Its installation process is simple and quick, and the self-contained installer automatically downloads everything it needs from the internet. It also walks you through the various macOS permissions that it needs to run properly.

Unlike Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop allows you to use Windows and macOS apps side-by-side without rebooting your Mac. It also supports drag-and-drop between Windows and macOS applications. Its performance is impressive and even supports graphics intensive games.

Moreover, the software is designed to minimize resource and power consumption. Its Travel Mode feature helps prolong battery life. In addition, it has a new feature that gives you accurate battery status in Windows. Regular updates from the developers ensure a seamless experience. This makes it easy for IT and individual users to keep the program up to date.

Easy to customize

Parallels Desktop is an excellent choice for macOS users who want to run Windows apps. It allows you to install any version of Windows on your MacBook and use it in a virtual machine. The installation process is quick and easy, and the product offers a yearly subscription or a one-time purchase option for individuals and businesses.

The new release also adds better support for gaming, with Windows and Linux games running smoothly. Additionally, it has a more powerful way to define custom Touch Bar buttons for Windows applications. For more information on this feature, check out the blog post by my colleague Alexandr Sursiakov – Advanced Touch Bar Customization with Parallels Desktop 13 and Beyond.

The software also includes features that help you integrate Windows with your Mac, including coherence mode, which synchronizes the system clipboard and makes copying and pasting texts and images easier. Moreover, you can share printers and USB devices between the two operating systems. In addition, the program lets you merge the Windows Recycle Bin with the Mac Trash.

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