Parallels Desktop Bundle – A Must-Have For Dual OS Mac Users

Parallels is a must-have for Mac users who need to work in a dual OS world. The software just released a major upgrade that closes the gap between its virtual machine and the real thing.

The upgrade also boosts performance and includes new tools like presentation mode for Windows apps and free memory reclaim. Plus it’s optimised for Apple’s latest Mac processors including the M1 chip.


Parallels Desktop enables users to run Windows and other operating systems as virtual machines on their Mac. This makes it easy for users to work seamlessly with both macOS and Windows applications. It also helps companies save money by reducing the number of computers needed to run Windows systems.

The software can also be used to play PC games like GTA V or Half-Life 2, which is helpful for those who need a break from their busy day-to-day lives. Moreover, it provides users with a suite of productivity tools such as presentation mode, free memory reclaim, and quick resolution switching.

In addition to its regular updates, Parallels Desktop has also recently launched a new premium app bundle. The limited-time promotion offers new and existing Parallels customers a package of nine top Mac apps. These include 1Password Families, AdRemover, Fantastical, Acronis Cyber Protect Premium, MindManager Essentials, Roxio Toast 18 Titanium, Cardhop and Intego Mac Internet Security X9. One year subscription is included.


Parallels Desktop allows users to run Windows and other operating systems as virtual machines on their Macs. The software offers support for many different Windows versions and can handle resource-hungry applications like AutoCAD, PowerBI, Visual Studio, or even Windows-only games.

The latest version, which was released earlier this year, features improved performance and full macOS Sierra support. It also includes a standalone ‘Toolbox’ feature with 20 utilities. It is available for yearly subscription or a one-time purchase.

The business edition of the program includes a number of security benefits that can help enterprises secure their data and applications. These include securing Windows VMs with Touch ID, joining them to Active Directory, and encrypting and password-protecting virtual machines for an added layer of security. Users can also create time-bound virtual machines to prevent accidental loss of sensitive information. Moreover, they can integrate their Windows virtual machines with systems like Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. This provides centralized management and control.


Parallels Desktop is a powerful solution that allows you to run Windows on your Mac without rebooting. Easily switch between your Mac and Windows apps, files and even use familiar macOS gestures in your Windows applications. Plus, you can work on your Windows virtual machine remotely from any HTML5 browser on iOS, Android and other devices.

Moreover, the tool is extremely fast. The software has been updated regularly and the latest version is now compatible with the new macOS Sonoma. This upgrade features significant technical improvements including 80% faster launch of Office apps and 15% faster 3D graphics performance.

Moreover, the software is also optimized for multicore processors and delivers the best possible graphics experience on any Mac. This makes it a great choice for gaming and other graphically intensive tasks. Parallels Desktop also offers a premium bundle of top-rated Mac apps with each new purchase or upgrade. This is an incredible deal and is valid for a limited time only.


Whether you’re battling mythical creatures, exploring distant galaxies or taking on brain-twisting puzzles, Parallels Desktop lets you play your favorite PC games right on your Mac. With this virtualization software, you can do more with your computer: Increase productivity, access legacy software and improve security by isolating different tasks on your system.

Graphic and resource-hungry Windows applications run flawlessly without slowing down your Mac. Create virtual machines to work with different projects, or use one for development and testing. The latest version of Parallels Desktop includes unique updates to support macOS Sonoma as a primary OS and as a virtual machine, plus improved printing options and more streamlined interaction with Mac computers equipped with Apple silicon.

Share files and folders between Mac and Windows, enjoy the Mac-favorite Touch Bar in Windows, copy and paste images and text, and drag Windows content into Mac apps. Streamline workflow with automatic performance optimization and Travel Mode to save time and disk space on the go. Also included is Parallels Toolbox, with 30+ practical tools to simplify everyday tasks: record your screen, clean your drive and take screenshots-all in a single click.

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