Parallels Desktop Offline Installer

Parallels Desktop uses a technology called hardware-assisted full hardware virtualization to simulate a complete computer system including its processor, motherboard, memory, video card and other devices. The simulated computer is called a virtual machine.

Running Windows programs on your Mac is fast and simple with Parallels Desktop. Featuring new graphics performance improvements to support even the most resource-hungry apps.


Parallels Desktop is a virtualisation tool that can help you run Windows apps on your Mac. This is done by simulating the hardware and software of a PC on your computer using Intel VT-x technology. This simulated computer, also known as a virtual machine, will be able to run almost any version of Windows, including the latest edition. It can also run older versions of OS X and even Linux.

You can switch between macOS and Windows applications with a simple swipe gesture on your screen, with key Windows tools and features such as Microsoft Office, iCloud and Mac folders integrated into the macOS experience. Make your VM invisible in Coherence mode to use its applications without hiding the Mac desktop, or take full control of your Windows environment with a familiar Start menu and mouse gestures.

Easily transfer files between your Mac and Windows environments with FileVault encryption. Easily deploy and update your virtual machines with deployment packages. IT admins can centrally manage Parallels Desktop and its virtual machine settings through the company’s cloud-based portal.


Parallels Desktop runs Windows on a Mac with the power of virtualization. It is compatible with a wide range of hardware, including the latest Mac chips. It also supports a variety of operating systems and provides features that keep your virtual environment safe. For example, it uses snapshots to restore a system from a healthy state in the event of spyware or Trojan infections.

The installation process is simple and fast. After you download the installer, you can start installing Windows or another operating system. You can choose from a list of pre-set settings before installing Windows, which is useful for optimizing your computer.

In addition to Windows, Parallels Desktop can run a variety of other operating systems, including RED Hat Enterprise, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Solaris, Chrome OS, and more. The program also allows you to use Mac services like Handoff and iCloud while working in a Windows environment, which is something that other products can’t do.


Activation is an important part of using Parallels Desktop. It’s a piece of software that simulates the hardware and operating systems of a real computer in a virtual environment on a Mac. It is designed to take full advantage of the Apple M series chips and provides a high-performance experience.

If your Mac is connected to the Internet, enter the Product Activation Key and click Activate. Parallels Desktop will verify the key over the Internet and will start downloading Windows 10 into a new VM. If you’re not connected to the Internet, click Work Offline and Parallels Desktop will install Windows when you connect to the Internet again.

Parallels Desktop Business Edition offers centralized deployment and management capabilities that help businesses streamline Windows VM delivery. Users can run Mac and Windows applications side-by-side in Coherence mode, create a complete guest desktop in Full Screen mode, and use Modality to resize and customize Windows windows running on top of macOS.

License key

A Parallels Desktop license key is a unique code that allows you to activate the software. This code is required to run Windows and other operating systems on a Mac. It also unlocks all the features of this program.

The virtualization technology in Parallels Desktop allows you to run Windows, Linux, and even OS X programs on your Mac. This is made possible by using hardware-assisted full hardware virtualization that simulates a complete computer, including the processor, motherboard, RAM, video card, and other devices. This is a very effective way to improve your system performance and eliminate slowdowns when running Windows applications or heavy games.

You can seamlessly switch between Windows and Mac applications with a click of a button. Easily share files and folders, copy and paste images or text, and drag and drop between Mac and Windows. You can also use Mac keyboard shortcuts, iCloud, Mac folders and other settings, and even the Touch Bar in your Windows apps. You can also install Microsoft Office, Autodesk and CAD software, and play Windows games with superior performance.

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